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About Maureen

Who is Maureen Lombardo?


Maureen Lombardo is an executive  in financial services. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State in 1990 and a Master’s in Business from Keller in 1999. Since the early 90’s, Maureen has been on a rewarding journey to marry her personal and spiritual growth with her evolving business acumen and experience in organizational behavior. No small part of that work included a path of sobriety and serenity that began in 2009. 

Why Serenity @ Work?

Serenity @ Work, LLC is dedicated to working with clients to achieve Serenity @ Work. Serenity @ Work, LLC provides individual coaching and programs for work groups and teams to help Surrender Control, Establish Serenity and Maintain Serenity @ Work. Following this program, will help individuals and teams become their best and most authentic selves. Our best selves deliver our best results. Maureen is available for one-to-one coaching as well as team meetings to introduce the Serenity @ Work program.

Why Read the Book?


Every day @ Work is a great day @ Work when you come from a place of Serenity. If you are your best and most authentic self, you are free to be a great partner @ Work and deliver amazing results @ Work. Serenity @ Work outlines three phases of self-discovery that guide the reader to Surrender Control, Establish Serenity and Maintain Serenity @ Work. Any number of personal and professional experiences leads us to feel resentment, fear and self-delusion. Serenity @ Work focuses on how to deal with these drivers to make way for honesty, humility and selflessness which are the pillars on which Serenity rests. The work is filled with personal and professional examples of how the author successfully worked through each phase. Serenity @ Work provides a context for the reader to follow achieve Serenity @ Work. Also recommended is the Serenity @ Work(book), sold separately. This companion piece includes exercises to follow to Surrender Control, Establish Serenity and Maintain Serenity @ Work.  

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